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We all have our own personal goals and though we aim to get us all up to the same skill set in classes some of us want to push towards their own personal goals that bit harder! Why not book a 15 minute consultation with one of our coaching team to see what the best route would be for you. Perhaps you just need some pointers or you want to set aside some time to work on a 1-1 basis with a coach to achieve your own personal goals!

Single sessions are available and Packages can be bought for 5 and 10 sessions


Ben started personal training and coaching CrossFit in 2014 and since then has broadened his knowledge across Olympic weightlifting, nutrition, gymnastics, rehabilitation, through various specialist course enabling him to deliver expert advice in a wide area of fitness and wellness.


Through his years in the fitness industry and continued learning, Ben excels in coaching clients towards weight loss (body transformation) goals, encompassing diet plans and nutritional advice, strength and conditioning goals, as well as technical Olympic lifting and gymnastic programs.


Ben makes sure that clients goals are met through building trust and a cooperative relationship to find their unique route to success. All this is delivered with a smile, genuine care and interest in his clients, with their goals being at the forefront of his mind.

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Misha started personal training and coaching CrossFit in 2014 and since then has broadened his knowledge across must of the CF speciality courses like weightlifting, conditioning, gymnastics, mobility, CF kids . She participated twice in the CF Regionals (Asia 2014 and Europe 2016) in a Team.

Through his years in the fitness industry in the middle east she continued learning, focused on female training programs.  She excels in coaching clients towards a better and healthier life style. She works developing personalised training plans that would let you target your Weight loss (body transformation) goals, shaping your body and improving your daily eating habits with some nutritional advice. Personal training plans target your strength and conditioning goals making sure it becomes a habit in your life.


Misha makes sure her clients enjoy the process and get the results they are looking for. Patience, hard work and new habits will be the key to their success. She follow up daily their progress and shows interest and care for each one according to their individual needs keeping in mind their unique goal”

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