What were your goals when you started training? and what are they now?

Increased strength and stamina, and weight loss – I’m still working on my goals so can’t say I’ve reached them but CrossFit is a great way to start seeing quick results.


What do you like about CrossFit Wandsworth ? 

Really friendly and approachable coaches who teach you the right techniques, and let you do things at your own pace. Before I joined, my main concern was that I would feel left out and ‘slow’ compared to others, but there’s a great community at CrossFit Wandsworth and they make you feel like you belong really quickly. The equipment and facilities are also excellent.


How has our training program effected your life ? 

I feel like I’m learning new techniques and starting to do more complex exercises, which is a great feeling. I can definitely see a difference in strength and stamina, and that will only keep improving as time goes by.


What would you say to someone like yourself who was thinking about joining a CrossFit gym?

Try a trial class, be very open with the coaches about any limitations you may have (whether they’re self limiting beliefs or fear of trying something so strenuous!), and just give it a shot – CrossFit is tough but great fun!