What were your goals when you started training? and what are they now?

I was so bored, working out at the gym that I was struggling to push myself.  My goal was to get stronger through weight training. But now I not only want to get stronger, but be more athletic, more flexible and faster.


What do you like about CrossFit Wandsworth ? 

I love the community. Each person has different reasons for being there and they’re energy means that no class is the same. The team effort and encouragement is worth it alone.


How has our training program effected your life ? 

I’ve learnt of strengths and weaknesses that I never knew I had and now I have direction on how I want to be!


What would you say to someone like yourself who was thinking about joining a CrossFit gym?  

DO IT ASAP! If you’re lucky enough to live near Wandsworth CrossFit, then you’ll find out how much better this box is compared to others in London!