What were your goals when you started training? and what are they now?

When I first came into the box my goals were to lose some weight and get stronger.  I always thought I was a very fit person, I would run, cycle and go boxing very often, however I was getting a bit bored and de-motivated so I decided to look into crossfit,  I had previously lived in California, the birth place of CrossFit, and so many people would tell me all the time how amazing it was and how incredible they felt since doing CrossFit but for some reason I never really took it properly onboard.  Finally, I decided to give it a go and I wouldn’t look back!

My goals now are to just keep on improving, keep on getting stronger and eventually master all the things I can’t yet do!  The losing weight and toning up are just natural benefits that go along with this.


What do you like about CrossFit Wandsworth ? 

CrossFit Wandsworth is an incredibly special place due to the fact that the community is so amazing!  I enjoy going not just to work out but to see all the people that go, it is fun, people are always laughing (which makes horrendous WODs bearable) and if your struggling people will encourage you and keep you motivated.  CrossFit is well known for fostering close communities and CrossFit Wandsworth is one of the best for it! 🙂


How has our training program effected your life ? 

As mentioned above I thought I was a fit person before starting CrossFit but oh my god I was wrong.  CrossFit has such a focus on functional fitness and I cannot believe how much it has helped transform my day-to-day life with simple things like walking up stairs is now so easy, squatting down to look at things/pick up things etc. are now so easy… bearing in mind I am only 26 years old, this should be easy!

Another huge benefit I have found is how much stronger it has made me, I love being able to lift more and move more!  The wide variety of work outs also means you will never ever get bored!


What would you say to someone like yourself who was thinking about joining a CrossFit gym?  

I would say you have to go for it because you can’t not love it.  The benefits are almost immediate and are huge and you will meet so many fantastic people!