CrossFit is a functional training regime focused around gymnastic movements, weightlifting and aerobic exercise performed at high intensity (relative to the individual) across broad time domains. The aim is to create a very well-rounded athlete who is flexible, strong and aerobically fit, who will excel at the everyday tasks that exists in his or her life.

At one end of the spectrum it has been widely adopted special forces and emergency services as it provides those personal the high level of physical fitness needed to carry out their day to day jobs. However, on the other end, it is a perfect regime to establish the fitness necessary for the everyman/woman to go about their daily life (playing with their kids, carrying shopping, moving house, playing sport, etc). This is because all the movements in CrossFit are functional and relate to the everyday, natural body movements we all go through.

In our modern life, we do very little that resembles what our body is actually made to do. Most of us drive to work, sit at a desk all day, drive home, watch TV and then go to sleep. I don’t say this to make you depressed! Just to realise that this is very far from the running, jumping, climbing, pulling, pushing that we are designed to do. This also explains why there is an epidemic of back pain, joint pain, metabolic and hormonal diseases in our society.

CrossFit look to restore the natural balance by focusing on restoring full range of motion and re-establishing the correct motor patterns for natural movement (core to extremity). Therefore, with proper coaching, athletes see that their weight drops, posture improves, pain subsides, strength increase and general well being increase.

If that isn’t enough to get you in to your local box, then couple that with a community that is welcoming, motivated, encouraging and supportive with well educated, genuine coaches that care about you as an individual, then I don’t know what will!

I understand that people have a stigma around CrossFit from seeing all the social media attached to it showing extremely muscled, international athletes competing at high levelcompetition. However, this is only the top 1% of the CrossFit community, you wouldn’t not cycle around the park because you were worried that you would end up having to do what the Tour de France athletes do!

CrossFit workouts are always scaled to athletes as individuals, taking in to account any injuries, their personal capacity and any other circumstances. Therefore what you will actually be doing is a semi-personal training session with good friends in a friendly and supportive atmosphere where all you have to do to get fit is turn up.

So before you cast any judgement on CrossFit, through any misconceptions in to the wind and give it a try!

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