Fitness and Ageing

The old line of ‘youth is wasted on the young’ often rings true in sports and fitness. As we age and mature, we often become more focused and our desires to achieve goals more potent, but our bodies unfortunately have not gotten the same memo. The question is, how should I be training and approaching my fitness as I age? It is common knowledge that the largest demographic represented in the paid for fitness industry is people over 30, and

Are you too competitive?

CrossFit is designed to get you hooked. Workouts are always in a group setting, involving recording your results, leaderboards and healthy competition. As coaches, we always encourage people to compete against themselves, and things like leaderboards and Rx vs Scaled are just there to encourage you to work hard and see your own progress. The question is, are you getting too swept up in the competition and losing site of why you are training i

Member of the month Keith Barlow

From Coach Ben, “Keith rejoined the box after some time away but has managed to make a big impression. Always smashing heavy weights is his speciality but he has applied mountains of commitment to working on his weaknesses and has developed some phenomenal fitness. He made some incredible changes since rejoining and has taken his fitness to the another level by throwing himself fully into training and does. Keith is one of the best examples of

Recovery after CrossFIt sessions

Recovery from CrossFit. CrossFit is a very intense activity by definition (Constantly varied functional movements performed at relative high intensity) and this level of effort breeds some amazing and unique results in athletes fitness. However, often athletes are able to push through periods of excessive high intensity training and still produce results, but they are setting themselves up for a system wide breakdown due to lack of effective a

Member of the month November Agnes

What were your goals when you started training? and what are they now? My main goal when I started Crossfit was to lose weight, but also get fit and actually enjoy working out. I've now done all those things and can feel myself getting stronger every week. Current goal is to improve on my Olympic lifting techniques as well as be able to do a pull up and hit over 100kg on my deadlift. I'm 10kg away, so hoping this will happen before the end of th


What were your goals when you started training? and what are they now? My previous job was very active and left me pretty banged up by the time i left in 2015. After trying and discarding different types of training and starting a new less active job, i wanted to find something that would keep me interested and  get me back into regular training without my body falling apart or exploding. Which i can happily say i've found with Crossfit Wand


We asked Laura some questions about why she started CrossFit and how it has changed her life! What were your goals when you started training? and what are they now? Initially I just wanted to get fitter and stronger, and to try something new. There are definitely things that I would like to be able to do, like pull ups and full push ups. I’m still a long way away from getting HSPUs, but can now do double unders (kind of). I think I’d b

CrossFit Programming

As you will all know by now, CrossFit is a training system that aims to produce broad level fitness across as many domains as possible. To do this, workouts consist of gymnastic movements, weightlifting and cardio elements put together with a high level of variance, including time. Our CrossFit classes are aimed to be accessible to all levels of athlete, from real beginners all the way up to competitive level athletes, with both being tested p

What does CCFT – L3 mean and why do it?

The Certified CrossFit Trainer L3 exam is the third evolution in the possible four major certifications run by CrossFit, with the 4th level currently reserved for seminar staff. Alongside these 4 levels, CrossFit also runs a myriad of other certifications, from gymnastics, weightlifting, kettlebells, endurance, kids, masters, rowing, SPEAR, and many more. The Level 3 exam is simply that, just an exam. It consists of 160 questions across a 4 ho


PROGRAM FOCUS AUGUST ADDITION. Over the next 6 weeks we will see the return of coach challenge Fridays! Your beloved coaches will be writing their own workouts to try and destroy you every week, as well as taking part to set you a score to beat.  So make sure you get in every week to give it your best effort! Additionally, we will be moving away from the single limb work as a focus and we will see some more pause work. This will be seen in b

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